The Locavore experience brings a collective of passionate foodies, coffee enthusiasts and hospitality professionals together to create something pretty special. Situated the lower end of Lilydale in a beautiful heritage building, built in the late 1880s, we offer a distinctive dining & food store experience. Thoughtfully curated local produce, coffee roasted onsite and professional service makes for a truely transformative dining experience.

Locavore Studio was established in 2015 in a little kitchen studio by Chef and Director Jessie Rae Crossley.

In the early days Locavore dabbled in cooking classes, pop up pastry shops and sourdough, eventually moving into catering. From 2016, Locavore really made an impression in the Yarra Valley, quickly becoming the preferred catering group to service weddings & wine events.

Cooking brings us together, and it continues to create communities ― and with community comes feelings of connection and happiness.

Locavore Studio is based on the concept of “Produced within 100kms of consumption”.

Sustainability moving into the future is at the forefront of our minds and we are taking important steps to look after our planet and community moving forward. With relationships with local farmers, specialty artisan suppliers and butchers, our goal is to minimise our environmental footprint as best we can for a better future.

Whether you’re visiting the cafe or booking catering for your event – you’re in the best hands.

Our combined knowledge in this industry means the food you’re eating has been thoughtfully sourced and prepared with passion & enjoyment, the service you’re provided is curated with respect and extensive industry expertise.

Proximal Coffee Roasters

We are so privileged to home the wonderful Proximal Coffee Roasters to Locavore. Proximal is run and operated by one of our OG Baristas, Evan Thompson. With a big focus on local sustainability and community, Evan is extremely respectful to the farmers from which he sources his coffee beans and acknowledges the life long dedication they have to their traditional farming history. The coffee Evan roasts is approachable, delicate and flavourful and has been our supplier for 4 years. We are very excited to watch this next journey Proximal has ahead, and welcome you to visit his roastery, located within our establishment.